28 September 2016

My name is Przemysław Nieściór. People call me Przemek [pʂɛˈmɛk].

I received my M.Sc. degree in Physics in 1996 from the Pedagogical University of Zielona Góra and B.Sc. degree in Computer Science in 1999 from the Technical University of Zielona Góra.


Besides and after my studies I worked for different companies in various countries (e.g. Carl Zeiss, Versicherungskammer Bayern) as software developer.

I currently work at DB Systel GmbH and I am programming a train scheduling system for the German railways in an object-oriented language called Smalltalk.

This site is powered by Pharo Smalltalk as web server, Seaside as web framework and Pier as content management system.

What's new

  • Deploying Pier on Ubuntu with Plesk at the german provider 1blu
    28 February 201312:21:04 pm by Przemysław Nieściór
    This tutorial describes how to deploy Pier on an Ubuntu Linux distribution with Plesk at the german provider 1blu. It assumes that you want to install a pier image on an Ubuntu Linux with Apache 2 und...
  • Switch-case in Smalltalk
    11 June 201212:00:43 pm by Przemysław Nieściór
    Smalltalk language does not offer with his standard classes a switch-case mechanism. Here is an easy way to implement such a mechanism. The first step will be to create a class Switch as subclass of...